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This is where it all started. Our original shop where our delicious chocolate creations first took shape.

Chocolate Deli at the ‘Jinney Ring Craft Centre’ is the ideal setting for our artisan handmade chocolates.

It is here , beyond the shop counter that you will not only find the full extensive range of our chocolates, but you will  also be able to watch us at work whilst breathing in the strong aroma of molten chocolate.

The shop, although small, still manages to house a huge array of our products and is a visual treat for the eyes.

Nestled within the sleepy village of Hanbury, deep in the Worcestershire countryside, Chocolate Deli offers irresistible delights, but don’t panic because our well prepared staff can help guild you through the naughty yet nice treats on offer.

We look forward to welcoming you to Chocolate Deli - Jinney Ring

Chocolate Deli Jinny Ring