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Here at Chocolate Deli we understand that working and being creative with chocolate is just as fun and important as eating it. That is why we have developed our Chocolate Deli Parties. These parties are perfect for those wanting something that little bit different.

Who is suitable

Chocolate Deli parties are suitable for all ages above 7yrs who enjoy chocolate. Whether you are having a special birthday party, hen do or are just a ‘chocoholic’ at heart, our parties could be right up your street!

What’s involved

The Chocolate Deli party starts off with a short but sweet introduction to chocolate. You will be given a rough guide to the different types of chocolate that you will be using as well as sampling different flavours. Next up, one of our expert chocolatiers will demonstrate the art of hand tempering chocolate, a skill used by all within the chocolate trade, and one that you can use at home time and time again.

Then comes the fun part. Armed with liquid chocolate and an array of different sweets and chocolate drops, you will get to create your very own chocolate pizza.

Anything else?

Well yes actually. Whilst your chocolate ‘masterpiece’ is setting in our fridges, you have a minute to relax with a drink before being handed a lollipop for you to decorate. At the end, each pizza is handed back to its owner and both this and the lollipop get wrapped up using pretty bows. At this point, the party has ended, and with any luck you haven’t over indulged in chocolate!!!

How long does it last and more importantly cost?

Parties can last anywhere between 1 1/2-2 hours. This is purely dependant on how long your group takes. We ask also that each party arrives 15mins prior to the start of there party.

Price of parties is £30. This includes refreshments and lots of naughty goodness.

Sounds great, How do I book?

Currently, bookings are only available on Sunday afternoons and are on a first come first serve basis. A £50 deposit is required in order to secure your booking. Due to the popularity of our parties, on reserving your party we would ask that you have 2-3 Sunday dates available.

Chocolate Parties